March 28, 2018 Central Management System

Central Management System is being implemented by Croatian Ministry of Health

Cuspis Group is participating in the implementation of the Central Management System. The goal of this implementation is to achieve fast and efficient management of the health system organisation structure which is precondition for digital transformation of the health system.

Our focus in this project is implementation of the core component of the Central Management System, upgrade of the Inpatient Admission and Discharge Reporting Subsystem, DRG grouper and invoicing.

Upgrade of the Inpatient Admission and Discharge Reporting subsystem will automate existing manual process using web services. Furthermore, DRG grouper upgrade towards use of web services will enable hospital information systems of all hospitals in Croatia to connect directly to the central DRG grouper which will enable medical staff, depending on input parameters, to immediately see DRG groups.
At the end Invoicing subsystem will be upgraded with structured discharge letter and elements needed for invoicing. Machine learning will automate invoice processing by Croatian Health Insurance Institute and will automatically flag all invoices for additional controlling.


Vinko Kojundzic, Cuspis Group director said:

We are proud that our partner as well as Croatian Ministry of Health have recognized 14 years of our experience in consulting as well as developing software for health insurance funds and have chosen us for this project.

It is quite fulfilling to be part of the most important health system reform in Croatian health system in the last few years.”