March 18, 2019 Central Management System

Delivery of the Improved Invoicing System as a part of the Central Management System

Successful delivery in production settings of the Improved Invoicing System as a part of Central Management System has been held in General Hospital Zadar which will be also the first hospital in Croatia to start using it.

Meeting was attended by Supplier representatives and Purchaser representatives: Head of IT Sector in Ministry of Health Mladen Pavić, Director for IT of Health Insurance Fund Hrvoje Jezidzic and CUS Project Manager Tanja Bedovec.

On the behalf of the General Hospital Zadar meeting was attended by: director Zeljko Culina, deputy director Edi Karuc, assistant director for nursing Darija Katusa, Head of Economy&Finance Bosko Katic and Head of IT Morana Ivancevic.

Improved Invoicing System as a part of delivering of the Central Management System will enable all hospitals and institutes for public health not only to deliver invoices, but also to do instant invoice checking and control for errors before sending invoices to Health Insurance Fund.

Furthermore, once invoice is sent to Health Insurance Fund, health institutions will be able to track invoice status and all payments made against invoice.

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