February 9, 2017 Healthcare

The Fund presented an e-module for orthopedic and other devices that are at disposal of medical centers coordinators and orthopedic companies

The management of the Health Insurance Fund of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton has held a meeting with the medical center coordinators and the representatives of orthopedic companies. The meeting was held to present the test phase of the e-module for orthopedic and other devices that are available on the List of devices and aids. The module will be an essential part the Integrated Health Information System (IZIS), that is, it represents an additional novelty in its development.

The creation and the application of the e-module will ensure a faster and a more simple process of obtaining rights to orthopedic and other devices, and at the same time it will facilitate physicians and reduce irregularities during the process of prescribing the proper device.

Rade Bosnjak, the principal of the Health Insurance Fund of the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton, attended the meeting. He used the opportunity to thank the associates for the partnerships and cooperation that was conducted during the development of IZIS and he invited them to contribute during the testing phase with their ideas, comments, and suggestions in order to improve the quality of the module, which will enhance the satisfaction of policyholders, healthcare professionals, and contractual orthopedic companies.

Mountain View

This was the second meeting of the Fund representatives and the contractual orthopedic companies that related to the development of the e-module for orthopedic devices. The meeting was organized to analyze the orthopedic companies’ suggestions, which relate to the improvement of the created module and the solution how to integrate the orthopedic companies with IZIS.

Source:   https://www.vecernji.ba/vijesti/informaticki-povezane-zdravstvene-ustanove-u-hnz-u-1174778 – www.vecernji.ba