March 3, 2017 Healthcare, Software

The introduction of electronic prescriptions for orthopedic and other devices by the Health Insurance Fund of the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton

Health Insurance Fund of the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton has publicly announced a new service enabled by the Integrated Health Information System (IZIS). Patients will be able to receive electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) for orthopedic and other devices that are available from the List of devices and aids.

The introduction of the electronic prescription (e-prescription) for orthopedic and other devices will enable physicians to use the IZIS program to create e-prescriptions for orthopedic and other devices, instead of classic paper ones. Policyholders will receive the electronic prescriptions at the branch offices of the Fund, where they will find out specific information on how and where to obtain the device.

Rade Bosnjak, the principal of the Fund, described the new feature:

“Following the introduction of electronic prescription orders for medicaments, e-prescription for orthopedic devices is a new feature that will ensure a straightforward exercise of healthcare rights for all policyholders. Starting with April 1, 2017, in addition to yearly NOM statements (findings, assessment, and the opinion of the authorized medical specialist), we also introduced permanent NOM documents, which will be used for permanent conditions that demand orthopedic and other devices. The introduction of e-prescriptions will greatly facilitate the access to orthopedic devices for all policyholders who use it and especially to those who have permanent and yearly NOM documents, and who will be able to reach their physicians by phone and ask for prescriptions. Instead of visiting the physician, policyholders will immediately go to branch offices of the Fund and then to the contractual supplier, where they will collect the prescribed device. Naturally, e-prescriptions will facilitate the process for the physicians because it will reduce the waiting process, that is, the unnecessary visit by the policyholders merely to receive a written prescription. In addition to that, the authorized physicians will have access to medical records, which will contain all prescribed and collected devices, as well as other essential information.”

Together with the overview of the e-prescriptions for orthopedic and other devices, the Fund has also presented a new feature available at their web page (, which relates to the possibility to access the List of devices and to receive information about the financial aid ensured by the Fund, expiration date, and contact information of contractual facilities where the policyholders can collect their devices.

Finally, the principal highlighted that this is a test phase of the e-prescription project that will last from two to three months. Following the test phase, when the authorized physician prescribes the e-prescriptions for the orthopedic or another device, the policyholders will avoid the visit to the branch office of the Fund and will immediately be able to go to the contractual facility, where they will be able to collect the device. The process will significantly facilitate the patients’ access to orthopedic and other devices.