October 10, 2016 Healthcare

The representatives of the Fund visiting the hospital Hrvatski Ponos in Knin

Zelimir Novak, the head of primary healthcare department and the IZIS project manager, Dr.  Ljiljana Pavlovic, the head of hospital healthcare, and Renata Karacic, the head of the program support department were the representatives of the Health Insurance Fund of the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton who visited the General and Veteran Hospital Hrvatski Ponos in Knin, where an electronic scheduling system, which decreases the number of patients on the waiting lists, has been implemented.

To commemorate the occasions, a meeting was held with the chief physician of Hrvatski Ponos, MD Kristina Bitunjac and her associates Tihomir Grebnar, the head of informatics departments, and Tihana Radak, the head of the billing department.

During the meeting, the participants have discussed the efficiency of the electronic system, a tool used to directly schedule appointments at medical centers, SKZZ clinics (specialist-consultative healthcare services), and laboratories.

The chief physician Kristina Bitunjac demonstrated how the electronic system functions at the Knin hospital; it allows the patients from primary healthcare institutions to directly schedule appointments at the SKZZ clinics on any available dates. She informed the attendees that a doctor and a patient could immediately see all the available dates at a particular health facilities and choose the one that suits them the best. Naturally, the system has decreased the number of patients on the waiting lists.

To make the access to healthcare easier to all policyholders, the Health Insurance Fund of the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton has started with the preparation phase to implement the same model. This meeting was an opportunity to share experience and knowledge with the management of the hospital in Knin, one of the first hospitals to introduce the electronic system of scheduling in Croatia. They highlighted the advantages as well as the disadvantages that the Fund should anticipate during the development of the new model, which will enhance satisfaction among patients and medical professionals since this system is a perfect opportunity for the Fund to improve their services.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the ZZO of the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton and the General and Veteran Hospital Hrvatski Ponos have agreed that they have shared many good examples that will greatly help during the implementation of the electronic system at the Herzegovina-Neretva County/Canton.


Source:   https://www.vecernji.ba/vijesti/informaticki-povezane-zdravstvene-ustanove-u-hnz-u-1174778 – www.vecernji.ba