Cuspis Group is a software development and project management group with companies in United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and North Macedonia. Company has over 16 years of experience in software development, IT consulting, graphic and video design, project management and social media campaigns.

Cuspis significant experience in Project Management comes from leading numerous complex projects related to software implementation.

Example of a typical project would be implementation of national Vaccine Tracking System and Central Immunization Record (central Vaccine Tracking System where each vaccine with its series number is accounted for; All immunizations throughout the country are automatically collected and stored in Central Immunization Record accessible to all health professionals; public portal for expressing interest for vaccination)
● rollout to all health providers in the country
● communication with Ministry of Health and Government
● status reporting
● interaction with IT providers that that have IT systems installed with health providers and will connect through web services
● interaction with health providers that cannot connect their IT system to central site and will be using web interface
● holding workshops
● updates and upgrades of the central system

Bespoke software solutions and own software products are in the centre of what Cuspis is doing. Complexity of typical software design and development would be:
● software architecture and design for software that connected 87 entities to a central point with the purposing of invoicing their services to the paying authority
● web interface design for entities that cannot connect their existing IT systems using web services
● web services interface design for entities that will connect their existing IT systems using web services (SOAP, JSON, FHIR Web services)
● 87 entities with 10.000 concurrent users
● 11.000.000 invoices with 170.000.000 invoice items annually
● logical and business controls
● data load projections
● optimization design (web services response time; web pages upload time)
● customer – helpdesk interactions directly through user software
● interactions with other systems: data sets, database import and export design
● data archiving design
● 700.000 public users
● 1.000.000 lines of code

Our clients include a wide spectrum of companies, government bodies and international organizations. We have experience of working in the UK, EU countries, as well as non-EU countries in Southeast Europe.


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Cuspis Group was founded on
10 May 2005 with incorporation
of the first Cuspis company:
London Cuspis based in London.


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