We offer the best quality to our customers at an affordable price owing to the unique way we build our customisable software solutions!

Our customers have the autonomy to customise their deployed software solutions themselves through a user-friendly interface.

Our extensive team of skilled software designers, engineers and testers use the latest technologies and are experienced in many business domains.

Cuspis Group adopts a project-oriented approach to software development that spans design, development and testing.

We develop enterprise-scale solutions for healthcare, fitness, office productivity, and student welfare.  We approach industry software design by consulting our customers and end-users, enabling us to    We produce products with the end-user, and their workflows, in mind. By consulting customers with similar issues in the same sector we develop dialogue resulting in greater software functionality.

Bespoke Software Solutions

In addition we provide bespoke software solutions by working together with our customers, analysing their requirements and optimising their workflows. We design, programme and test each product component and then return to the customers for presentation and feedback.
We repeat this process until the customer is satisfied with each component as well as the final product.

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Cuspis Group was founded on
10 May 2005 with incorporation
of the first Cuspis company:
London Cuspis based in London.


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