Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

Since 2018, Cuspis R&D has started exploring blockchain technology as a promising new technology.

First step in 2018 have been setup of a small-scale mining operation to see first-hand how cryptocurrency mining works. The goal has been to test custom build mining rigs as well as specialized ASIC mining hardware. SHA-256, Scrypt, EtHash, Equihash and Cyptonight and RandomX (later on) mining algorithms were tested using assembled mining rigs and/or specialized mining ASIC hardware. Different cryptocurrencies were mines on those protocols.

Second stage in blockchain technology discovery roadmap was installing, configuring and running Bitcoin and Ethereum testing nodes and, later on, full production nodes. On the top of those test and production nodes their respective APIs were installed and configured.

Third stage was building Lighting node on the top of the test and full production Bitcoin node. Second and Third stage enabled Cuspis to start building blockchain applications: ERC-20 token creation on test and MainNet (production) using smart contract, building app for Ethereum and ERC-20 token fully functional mobile wallet (on test and MainNet). Having own full Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes and Lighting node up and running two blockchain applications were built.

Stages described above helped Cuspis to master in depth and in practice all important aspect of blockchain technology and understand its building blocks and be on the forefront of blockchain technology.


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