HR Productivity

HR Productivity

Taking the stress out of swaps!

Design and plan work schedules that comply with existing regulations.

Rota creation software semi-automates work schedule design. Work schedules can then be used as a basis for the creation of the Take and Departmental Rotas which are then automatically published.

Departmental rotas are generated from work schedules and the take rota.

Reduce the number of phone calls, emails and face-to-face conversations by using electronic requests that are approved by predetermined authorization algorithms.

Release the time of medical and managerial staff coordinating the rota and enable juniors to swap faster and with no errors.

Medical staff can request swaps and unplanned leave by “broadcasting” requests to all colleagues.

Those who are able to swap for all or part of the requested period can respond and can swap automatically if allowed by a pre-determined authorisation algorithm.

The software authorises and publishes the swap without the need for the rota coordinator’s involvement.  If there is a need for authorisation, then the rota coordinator receives the request and approves or declines it and and changes are then automatically updated and published.

Exception reporting is generated automatically by the software if there is a breach of safe working hours.

This is sent to the doctor’s supervisor and the Guardian of Safe Working Hours. Medical staff can also initiate their own exception reports which are automatically cascaded.

The software generates reminders to ensure the reports are resolved within the prescribed timeframe.
The outcome of the exception report is automatically recorded and if time off in lieu is granted, the software will suggest when this should be taken.  The software allows the doctor to record that the proposed resolution has actually been actioned.

We approach each of our customers individually and have bespoke approach to implementation. First step is analysis of the current situation after which we generally proceed with following steps.

Migrate “as-is” general take rota data from multiple existing Excel documents or old software to new system
Migrate “as-is” departmental rota data from Excel documents or old software to new system
Assist with work schedule design, automating the rules governing working hours
Generate idealised rotas according to work schedules
Automatise swaps

Integrated Solution

Only one program to integrate all aspects of medical workforce planning and implementation enabling NHS Trusts to manage:

» Work schedules
» Departmental rotas (including specialty on-call)
» Swaps and leave
» Exception reporting

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