Integrated Health System

Integrated Health Information System

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Clinical decision support
Disease management
Integration & standards
Medical billing software
Medical coding software
Medical device software
Medical scheduling software
Medication management
Telemedicine/ connected health
Electronic Health Record

Hospital information system
Finance and accounting information system
Practice management system
Nursing information system
Master patient index
Picture archiving system
Practice management system for inpatient
Electronic Health Record

Pub IHIS provides software tools for epidemiological health studies and public health practitioners.

It allows them to engage communities and individuals in behavioral and environmental change processes.
The software provides unified registers and coding tables and describes the statistical occurrences of health problems.  From these data strategies may be defined and tools created to intervene, prevent problems, and promote health and well-being.

The e-Health Web Portal is a place where patients and professionals have access to publically available information as well as secure personal data, as afforded by their user privileges and roles.  The portal increases organisational productivity, improves user experience and accelerates the sharing of patient data with patients.

A database of insured individuals, including their policies, allowances and history provides a unique data set of information regarding health insurance and management to enable NHS trusts and health insurance funds to provide excellent services to insured people as well as to reduce medical fraud, claim denial, unnecessary / duplicate diagnostic tests and eligibility.

Utilisation of Health E-card technologies allows the creation of a “one-point of identification”.

This enables healthcare providers to easily identify patients, rapidly access clinically relevant information and update patient information, even if the patient sees a different provider.

Complete.IHIS – Integrated Health Information System (IHIS)

Healthcare today is more than ever in need of health information systems. The ever rising expectations of payors, governments, regulators and the general public, coupled with an ageing population constantly imposes new and changing requirements to healthcare systems.

Complete.IHIS, ˝Integrated Health Information System˝ product family covers all the aspects of the health information system functionalities that are used through primary, secondary and tertiary sectors:

» Complete.Primary – for primary health care
» Complete.HIS – for hospitals
» Complete.MBS for finance and accounting
» Complete.E-prescription
» Complete.E-Portal
» Complete.EHR – central fully functional electronic health record
» Complete.NHS (Complete.HIF) for managing health entities inside
NHS trusts or Health Insurance Funds
» Complete.Pub for public health institutions
» Complete.E-Card – functionality of Health ID cards

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