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The Office Productivity Suite is designed for companies, public institutions and non-governmental organisations to improve productivity and enable their employees to focus on the delivery of services and products.

It helps organisations to transform their work to a part – or completely digital environment. With this transitional process in mind, the Office Productivity Suite is modular, so that organisations can add components when required and adapt workflows accordingly. Furthermore, it allows purchasers to customize the deployed software themselves through a user-friendly interface.

Transform your work into a digital environment!

The Office Productivity Suite modules consist of the following modules:

This module enables administrators to define organisational structure and choose which modules (detailed below) the organisation will use. Furthermore, administrators can create users, define users’ rights and define code lists.

This module defines business processes in the organisation and the users that belong to each of these business processes.  It aids compliance with external standards such as ISO.  In these circumstances these processes must be seen to be defined, supported and have a degree of transparency and this is historically paper-based.

This module enables the scanning of incoming paper documents as well as the uploading of incoming digital documents and images.  To these uploaded documents, attributes are attached in order to facilitate document management (such as date and time of receipt, sender’s details, method of document transmission, assigned process to which the document pertains, etc).

This module can be used to make meeting reservations, book meeting rooms, reserve and book company transport or any other resource. It can be configured to a first-come-first-served basis or alternatively configured to allow an individual user to be in-charge of a particular resource and manage requests for that resource.

This module includes employee demographics, leave (annual/ sick/ study etc), education (e.g. mandatory training) and other employment data.  In addition, this module can be used to manage performance using a dashboard based on user activities defined by Cuspis’ modules and also imported from other software.

This module can be used to aggregate all the organisation’s contracts, which can be scanned and filed. Pertinent attributes can be added such as each contract’s expiry date (which can be added to a calendar), the lead contact person for a particular contract and idiosyncrasies and problems with a contracted supplier.  This module can allow restricted user access to particular contracts (e.g. if a contract is sensitive).

Tasks can be assigned to other employees (or self) or already-assigned tasks can be transferred.  Alternatively, the module can also be used as a service desk where each task is, for example, a call from a customer. Each task can be ascribed defining attributes, priority and completion status; documents can also be attached to a task. This module is also available as a mobile application.

The module also includes a reporting system for all tasks within the organisation. This allows (restricted) users to see when a task was allocated, a task’s deadline, and what progress has been reported

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